Thursday, September 04, 2008

Statistics, Wednesday

Number of red elastic bands picked up off pavement = 4.

Number of people at parish prayer meeting deemed to be the most important meeting of the month while we await a new Rector = 35 (10% of membership).

Length of time I undercooked the haricot beans last night leading to strange noises and vague ache in tummy today = 10.

Separate incidences of rainfall = 6.

Exclusive language errors in talking about future Rector = 2.

Time spent in meetings = 3 hours 15 minutes.

Number of items watched of the '100 most annoying couples' TV programme before realising it was complete pants, train-wreck TV and voyeurism of the highest order = 11.

Hours of sleep = 6 hours 30 minutes.


Mr Gnome said...

Mr Gnome joins you in celebrating a unique feature of British life - the completely free year-round provision of elastic bands courtesy of our post-persons' ritualistic random redistribution of rubber bands.

dmk said...

time spent online?

Emma said...

Ruddy postmen. Teacher's nightmare.