Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Since giving up football and all other impact sports I have to say that my competitive edge hasn't diminished. I want to be the winner.

Last Monday I had a day with a lot of meetings in it. What did I do? I added more into the gaps, spent the whole day in meetings and went for a personal best. I strove to be the meetingest person I knew.


9.00 Morning prayer (30 mins)
9.45 Curate supervision meeting (2 hours)
1200 Local Ministry Group lunch (2 hours)
1430 Youth worker supervision meeting (2 hours)
1808 Kingshill Church planning meeting (75 mins)
1945 Standing Committee (2 hours 30 mins)

...I had spent 10 hours 15 mins of my day in meetings with people of one sort or another. Why did I do that? Because it's a coping strategy I guess. Anyone want to try and beat it?

This morning's first meeting was cancelled. Felt good.

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Mr Gnome said...

How splendid that you managed to discuss your 'meeting thing' without once using the unfortunate construction 'to meet with'.

One guesses that the 'standing committee' didn't adopt a literal approach. Perhaps if it had, you would have been home a wee bit earlier....