Friday, September 05, 2008

New Wet

Small bits of old Japanese cars fall from the sky.

Drizzle, downpour, spitting, spotting, cats and dogs, pelting, belting down, buckets, monsoon, swamped, splashed, soaked (to the skin), shower, heavy rain, rainfall...

Popped out of a training day in Wells yesterday to get some air at lunchtime and, although it had been a day of several showers, or 'normal' as we increasingly call it round here, I did not take my umbrella and my showerproof coat turned out to be of limited use in a monsoon.

I wasn't the wettest. One guy got so wet he made his excuses and left at lunchtime. I had taken a thin jumper in case it was chilly so I changed into it for the afternoon while my coat and shirt dried on a rack and my shoes and trousers quietly steamed on me.

Today I don't know whether to take sun-glasses or a torch. Umbrella or sun-hat. All four? Soon we will have as many words for rain as the Inuits allegedly have for snow.

Oh I nearly forgot. The Japanese cars. It's raining Datsun cogs. Sorry.


Mr Gnome said...

You make me feel guilty for getting this for nothing!

That intriguing first sentence got me going. Then the entertaining content made me forget it. So final laugh was all the better.

Tip top.

Editors - give this man a column.

Mike Peatman said...

If you keep getting wet like that you'll catch a cold and then you'll be sneezing Japanese cars too

Daihatsu!! (Bless you)