Monday, September 29, 2008

Cabot Circus

Spent a pleasant two hours wandering around Bristol's new Cabot Circus complex. Whilst it has welcomed many chains and few independents we now have a Harvey Nics and the Paul Smith pin-striped suit looked excellent. That and a smart light blue shirt and wonderful tie would be the same price as the forthcoming trip to Japan.

Also enjoyed Bloomsburys excellent greetings cards and mugs, got given a glass of champagne in Ghost and Mrs T found the comparison between her Cargo and new-to-Bristol Dwell fascinating.

Dwell seems to have cheap furniture in a magnificent setting with brilliantly-trained staff. It was nice to see a shop with so little point-of-sale (posters, banners etc) just simple design and a blank canvas shop-floor. And the staff greeted us but didn't sell to us. They let their well-displayed stock do the work. Perhaps they should have captured our names and addresses though. Cargo quality is much higher so Dwell my end up with disappointed customers. Let's see.

Architecture of Cabot Circus is breath-taking, especially the huge glass roof with its abseiling window cleaners looking like Matrix patrol-bots about to break through.

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