Saturday, July 05, 2008

Top of the Wedding Pops

Don't know what they all digging down your way but today we had:

Morning Has Broken
All Things B and B
The Lord's My Shepherd (Vicar of Dibley setting)

The latter has an unbelievably difficult middle section which was not usually reached when used as the TV theme. Maybe I'd better practice it if it's going to be popular - I can see myself soloing mostly.


Kathryn said...

EVERY SINGLE WEDDING I'm doing this year has All things B&B....the second choice is mostly Morning has broken with occasional forays into Give me oil in my lamp and at least one attempt at Love Divine. By next Saturday bedtime I will have sung All things B&B 7 times in one week...which is at least 6 too many.
No Dibleys at all, thanks be to God!

Martin said...

Ah, things we sang at primary school assembly. (well, not The Lord's my Shepherd or Love Divine, but all the others mentioned so far). So, childhood & TV for most, and one because it's about love.

jw said...

If I'm on sound that day, I'll make sure you're heard crystal clear!

Mike Peatman said...

Yep - sounds like the shortlist hasn't changed much since my curacy in the early 90s (except Dibley)

See related blog post

jw said...

Now been to three of your weddings - two this month, one a year ago. Haven't come across one of the aforementioned. Maybe I'm going to the wrong weddings!