Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Big Blogger

BB, you gave me a shock.

Sorry, I've been in here a long time.

I wondered what was in that box.

20 Euros, 2 paracetamol and an old key.

Wow. I wonder what it opens. Maybe it's that bathroom window. Pass the paracetamol.

Been drinking?

If only. There was a glass of chardonnay by my bed this morning but I seem to remember testing it on a blocked drain after one sip last night then zzzz...

So do you often take alcohol to bed?

Frankly no. But I had a bit of a head-spinning day yesterday.

What happened?

I'm not really sure. A load of good things I think. Maybe I just spent too many hours in a row with people.

On a Monday? How did that happen?

Yeah guilty. The world is space invading. I added two long meetings to a day that already had Church Council and clergy chapter. Ten and a half hours of conversation. Not enough space. Church Council over-ran by 30 minutes and some people weren't happy with some things afterwards. Should have anticipated that.


Doh indeed.

Got a plan?

Not really.

Get used to it?

That's not a plan.

Space today?

Yeah, this afternoon for a few hours. Gym will help a bit. And women can be bishops now.

By the way how is the drain?

Good question. I'll check. How did your mind jump from drains to women bishops?

Oh that's perfectly logical.

(Big Blogger is a little friend who pops along every now and again and helps the diaryist to get a grip.)

1 comment:

RuthJ said...

Striking ambiguity of 'too many hours in a row with people'.

Trust that was 'in succession' rather than 'in conflict'!!