Saturday, July 05, 2008

Intelligent Footballers

In these days we tend to think that, whilst most English footballers are inarticulate interviewees, the continental players must at least have some grey matter if they are able to conduct an interview in a second language. Step forward then Lukas Podolski, hero of Germany's Euro 2008 campaign. 'Football,' he said (according to the Guardian this week) ' just like chess only without the dice.'


Ali said...

LOL ... you're feeding my prejudices here :-)

Steve C said...

Former Fulham boss Chris Coleman memorably said, 'Football is like wrestling a gorilla: you can't stop when you get tired; you can only stop when the gorilla gets tired.' Still my favourite recent football related quote.

He's Welsh, by the way. Does he get any intelligence points for conducting interviews in his second language? Just a thought.