Thursday, July 24, 2008

Late Night Theology

I always come back to this. The only theological secrets worth knowing were revealed to uneducated shepherds, fishermen and women. I have read volumes and volumes of stuff with subtle spiritual nuances recently on women's headship, homosexuality and the anglican communion. Three things Jesus says nothing about in the Gospels. If it can't be grasped by the uneducated it's not a big deal. End of.


david said...

Have you e-mailed this thought to ++Rowan ?

Mr Gnome said...

Well said!

: - )

Marcella said...


Andy said...

St, a few years ago I would have agreed with you - but now I'm too theologically nuanced! ;)

Seriously though - I have met uneducated people who have dropped back to the "literal words of the bible" (taken out of context) - and I've met uneducated people who have taken the spirit of Jesus to heart and just started doing "the gospel". Both well meaning, god-loving Christians doing what they thought was the "simple" thing, both on different sides of the current theological hot-potatoes.

I guess that's why we need theologically trained leaders.

On the disciples: Humble fisherman they may have been once, but I'll bet they weren't so "uneducated" after 3 years in the teachings of Jesus. Likewise Paul. One might ask if it was all so simple why we might need Paul in the Bible at all.

We don't need theological understanding to be saved, absolutely - but i'm pretty sure it's essential part of Christian leadership.

St said...

Andy I agree. I quite carefully did not say, 'If it can't be conceived/devised by the uneducated,' but 'grasped.' A good test of our theological nuancing as leaders is if we can get it to the point where it can be grasped by the uneducated.

Di said...

Well said. Please keep sharing that gem, there are several people in national and global church leadership who should listen.