Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bleary Eyes

My eyes open. The half focus reveals something different. There is a creature on the ceiling. It is still but it is huge. Dilemma. It is still too early to have to get up but Mrs T hates 'things on the ceiling' in her bedroom. Which would be the worse crime? To wake her at 5.45 on one of the two days a week she doesn't have to rise at 5.30? Or to leave the possibilitity that she wakes to the sight of something on the ceiling?

Dilemma-solving is a good way to be fully awake I find, so I creep out of bed. As my eyes become more useful (I am very long-sighted these days) the thing on the ceiling turns out simply to be a beautiful moth, wings outstretched. If evolution allows the survival of those creatures which best blend in to their background, so as not to be spotted, this moth clearly spends most of its time on chocolate ripple ice cream. It is looking a bit vulnerable on a white ceiling.

I decide to leave it. Mrs T is very short-sighted (the secret of her finding me attractive is for her to remove her glasses when I approach) and will probably not notice the moth when she wakes. I will take the moth removal kit (one piece of stiff card and a sieve) when I take her coffee later.

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