Thursday, July 24, 2008


I look a little younger than my years. No, don't disagree. It would be too traumatic at this stage. I have done all my life and was in my mid 20s before I could get served in a pub without grovelling or producing ID. My wedding photos suggest my wife was behaving illegally. I have changed my profile picture so you can make your own mind up but at my last birthday I was 53.

I was born in 1955, I can remember my sister being born in 1958, saw the Beatles on Top of the Pops and, I think, Ready Steady Go, started secondary school in 1966, the year I watched England win the World Cup, saw Gerry and the Pacemakers and Freddie and the Dreamers live in the 60s, did O Levels (not GCSEs you can't catch me) in 1971, A levels in 1973, started full-time work in 1973, got married in 1977, had sons in 1980 and 1982, was ordained in 1984 and don't look that old. It's nice.

In the pub last Tuesday lunchtime the barman, twice, called me 'Young man'. I think this sets me off a bit. I have memories of not being taken seriously because I looked young when I worked in the insurance industry. I made my usual reply of 'Your eyesight is going.'

'No, he said, 'I'm a lot older than I look.'

He looked about 40. 'How old are you then?' I asked.

'37.' He said.

Now let's face it. His eyesight is going.


Anonymous said...

At the school where I work we have recently been looking at a lot of past photos, partly because the head retired today. We are all in agreement. Almost everybody who was at the school 18 years ago looks younger now than they did then. Is it perceptions or chaged styles (especially of hairdos!) It's amazing how clothing, hairstyles and attitudes to inovation affect poeple's judgement.

Chris said...

That picture is so small who could tell?! ;-)

This post brings back fond memories of a venture about 8 years ago when one of the members, who had yet to quite grasp exactly how old people were, thought Alex was 39. She was not particularly impressed, it's fair to say.

Mr Gnome said...

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise.

That's my mantra.

Anonymous said...

Mr gnome I couldn't agree more!!! I'm 27 and and still get asked for ID frequently in bars

Mr Gnome said...

My boasty boots are on:

I saw the Beatles live in October 1964.

Er, and I saw Freddy Garrity (of Freddy and the Dreamers) live and huffing in the gym that I used to go to.