Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ambient Heaven

Popped into the Old Farmhouse yesterday. Pick your favourite, or a combination, of these reasons:

1. To have lunch and read the paper
2. To do important pastoral work with the staff there
3. To escape from under the feet of the cleaners in my house

The much improved and simplified summer menu is sensible, nice and not extortionate. Very good haddock and chips. Beer still an unofficially-designated disaster zone but that's Hall and Woodhouse for you. In case of libel please note, brewery lawyers, that this is opinion not fact. Badger, Hopping Hare and Tangle Foot; great names; poor product.

As I eased myself into the Guardian sports pages I noted that the music had a quiet, jazzy, ambient feel. Relaxing but not intrusive. It was Brian Eno. Genesis in Budgens; Eno in the pub. What will we have on in church?

(By the way I'm the vicar so I know; it's James Brown this Sunday at Trendlewood. How else can you celebrate a 'Feeling Good' theme?)


Mike Peatman said...

Better than James Brown by Was Not Was?

Mike Peatman said...

Just out of curiosity I put old farmhouse into Google and it suggested Nailsea before I got to it. Looks nice, and a basket meal revival. Awesome.

Ali said...

James Brown ... great!

If you're working through his hits, don't forget to tell me when you're having Sex Machine. I'll be coming to church in Nailsea that week!!

St said...

Don't hold your breath Ali. I only play tracks that are relevant to our theme.

Martin said...

Out of interest, how do you choose the themes that are to be preached on in your church?

Mike Peatman said...

He just went through iTunes and picked things at random, of course!


In a Big Country - the exile in Babylon

It's a Sin (Pet Shop Boys) - confession

Many Rivers to cross - Joshua and the occupation of the land.

The list is endless