Wednesday, July 02, 2008


We have searched for a while to find a truly organic, bird-friendly slug killer. We have found one. It comes in a large, cereal-packet-sized box bearing, in huge letters, the name of the product. Slug Off!

Mrs T is walking around the garden as I type, administering it. Maybe it gets the aggression out of her system before she gently cajoles her retail team to kick customer butt on a daily basis.

I will add it to gladioli, Falcon Camps and shoot as appropriate swear-word alternatives for a man of the cloth.


Chris said...

Great, us too. does it work?

Anonymous said...

We've already been using GET OFF! to try and deter the neighbour's cat from crapping all over the garden...they probably need to rename it, GET RIGHT ON CRAPPING RIGHT HERE as it has made no difference to date. Hope SLUG OFF! is more effective.