Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Someone like me (great face for radio etc) has to snatch on to any compliment he can get. So last night when one of the guests at our Alpha Course remarked that I looked a bit like tennis star Greg Rusedski I could only respond, 'He's quite good looking isn't he?'

Schoolboy error followed. Went over to Mrs T and told her what had happened. She agreed with me, although her response was slightly at odds with the opinion of the Alpha guest:

'That woman says I look a bit like Greg Rusedski.'
'No you don't; he's good looking.'

God I love that woman. And no, the Alpha guest did not carry a white stick.

This apparently pays me back for having the cheek to tell another guest that I was very long-sighted and then telling Mrs T from a range of 50cms that she looked more beautiful every day.

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Anonymous said...

beauty is in the eye of the beholder - so they say. To someone you're beautiful!