Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Yeah we know, we know, size isn't anything let alone everything but including all the family hangers on who'd come back to Trendlewood to sponge meals off parents our record-breaking congregation of the year of 93 last Sunday was exceeded again today and we broke the ton barrier. Thanks to the 102 people for their participation, heckling and fine company and here's to many more tons in the future.

Happy Christmas to all of our patrons from the staff here at Mustard Seed Shavings. Have a great rest of the day. Please continue to patronise us in 2008.


Ali said...

Delighted you made the 'ton' on such a special day. Merry Christmas (whats left of it) to you and yours

Anonymous said...

Sorry we couldn't have been there. We would have made it 107.
Instead we went to London and experienced the reason the church of England has falling numbers. A dire midnight communion service for 40 people (including us)in the sort of modern building Trendlewood could do wtih.(The old church nextdoor has been turned into a community centre.) There was nothing joyful in the service at all, even the singing of 'Yea Lord we greet thee....' was pathetic. Aparently it was just as bad last year.
Roll on Sunday when we'll be back at Trendlewood.
Pauline and Martin