Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Mum's been here for two and a half hours and she's still alive so my prayers for patience and self-control have obviously been answered. She's just taken a short break from changing the subject to watch a DVD which came free with her new sofa. She has a DVD player herself but it's too low down and anyway she thought the box with the furniture contained a video and she hasn't got a video player.

A son is here and is on granduty too so we are keeping her occupied by playing grantag.

So, to summarise, the next 24 hours would be a good time to pop round unexpectedly and say hello or scrounge a coffee, tea, beer, wine or whatever. This applies even if you are a friend I haven't ever met apart from on the internet who purports to be female and attractive but is actually a bearded, male axe murderer. Please bring your own axe.

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Kathryn said...

Have just begged to do hospital call out to escape the ordeal of annual lunch with allllllll husband's relatives.
Next year, I'll offer to BE family lunch, I think...
Courage! And happy Boxing Day x