Friday, November 23, 2007

Late Thoughts on Football

Just a final thought, but I do recall saying on the night, as I heard my fellow countrymen (of whom I am not proud) booing the Croatian national anthem, that we would lose. If anyone has any recordings of England's past internationals you might like to research the relationship between booed national anthems and the opposition performance. I hate our national anthem (although Bill Bailey did an excellent jazz version last night) but if someone booed it whilst I was playing for my country somewhere overseas (imagination is cool isn't it?) then I may well play out of my skin, as indeed the Croatians did.


jw said...

It wasn't necessarily the booing, perhaps it had something to do with the (Scottish) singer's less than complete grasp of the Croat language!

Custard. said...

As evidenced here. I'm with you on the booing though.

Chris Ward said...

Yeah totally agree. Especially in this case bacuase in terms of the competition they had nothing to play for. So the England fans made sure that any Croation players who weren't that bothered about winning certainly were by the end of the anthems. Nice one.