Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Watched the Prestige yesterday. The ironing basket had got two movies full. I missed this at the cinema but I love magicians and loved this film. Lots of rattling back and forth in time which kept me alert.

Made me ponder how many movies there are where people lose fingers non accidentally:

The English Patient
That Japanese mafia one and the little finger amputation to guarantee a deal
The Departed (OK that was a whole hand)
Blood Diamond (another hand)

More please.

The second film I watched was the History Boys. All fingers present and correct.


becky ward said...

the pianist

Cosmo said...

The Prestige - good movie. Creepy ending.

Have you seen, The Wind that Shakes the Barley? A nasty fingernail pulling scene. I think George Clooney got his nails pulled too in Syriana.

Anonymous said...

correction - the piano

Anonymous said...

Black Rain - japanese one with micheal Douglas and Andy garcia


Matthew P said...

What about Thing from the Munsters? He'd lost a body - not sure if it was accidental or not though.

dmk said...

Luke Skywalkers hand in Star Wars 2, or is it Star Wars 5?