Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A little bit rubbish

What would it be like to be generally disorganised? Maybe I'd have low expectations of my own ability to deliver and add extra time to cope? Oh no, that would be organised.

Thing is, I'm usually pretty top-drawer organised. I am punctual and can find paper. I, by and large, remember eventually to do things if I've written them down.

But when I get stuff wrong I get it so catastrophically wrong that everything else joins the wrong party. It's like pulling on the one thread that unravels me.

I lost my church keys. I had them on Sunday at 10.00 a.m. On Tuesday at 4.30 p.m. they weren't in the place I always put them when I get home. I backtracked. I checked the places I might have put them down. I checked they hadn't fallen out of my pocket in the car even though I'm sure they were in a unibox at that point not my pocket. Then, having done all the obvious things including jacket pockets in the wardrobe (nope) I started making a few other people's lives a misery by asking them to check in places I had been. No joy.

So having coped until this morning I had to go through and review everything I did when I got home from church on Sunday and see if I had left my keys there - you know fridge, bread bin etc.

Now on Sunday morning I played a game with some of the children in church involving clothes pegs. On getting home I decided not to claim the cost of these new pegs on expenses but simply to have them for my own. So I put them in the bag in which we keep our clothes pegs and took the opportunity to sort the bag out and chuck away some old broken pegs. I don't know at which stage of these proceedings I gathered up my church keys and put them in the peg bag but that is what I must have done for that is where I found the keys.

Whilst musing on the lost key conundrum I have misplaced my dairy (now found, thankfully), been late and generally not been tuned in to other things.

I wish I could be a litle bit rubbish most of the time and not occasionally very rubbish. Cheering comments not being solicited. At least we didn't have to replace the church locks.


Chris said...

Emma and I recently moved church's as she got a new job at another church. So this is the third one we've been at. One of the things I find interesting (I can understand if others yawn at this point) is the way different churches approach security and keys.

At church 1 Emma had a large set of keys including two Banhams (where you need at least 4 blood signatures to get copies of them and 3 retina scans). At church 2 she had 2 sets of keys - mainly because a new temporary building came along mid-way through our time there that had 4 different locks. Now we're at church 3. When she first came she was given one key. This opens everything, except the doors which have combination locks on them (only one is an external door). She also now has an office which has a different key, so that's two keys and lots of numbers to remember.

She forgets the numbers every week.

Chris said...

Ick, I put an apotrophe in where it shouldn't be - I'm truely sorry.

Mike Peatman said...

How did you get any milk and cheese during the time your dairy was lost?

St said...

See. Even rubbish at spelling too. I rest my case.

Kathryn said...

Well, I was quite impressed at your managing to lose a whole dairy...I only ever manage to lose a bottle of milk.
As one who is terminally disorganised, most of this is such strange reading that I can only gape and mutter...but i'm glad the keys turned up

Hannah said...

I have a friend who lost they keys to his motor bike once, after a long search similar to yours he ordered a new set, several months later - his wife found the keys in the peg bag!
Next time I loose something I know the first place i'm goin to look!