Friday, July 20, 2007

Steve Tilley

One of the unexpected benefits (maybe not the right word but stick with me) of a Facebook account is to enter your own name into the search facility and suddenly have a photo-montage of all the Steve Tilleys in the world (who have Facebook profiles of course).

Well we're in rude health, a pretty damn funky bunch I can tell you even if we do like having our photo taken on the loo or go to things called 'no pubes' parties.

It's slightly weird though and I begin to get a sense of how Dave Gorman felt tracking down 54 Dave Gormans. If all the guys (they were all guys but it may not have been the case) were in a room together and the name Steve Tilley was called we'd all say yes at the same time. Obvious, I know, yet strange to contemplate.

I am unique (you knew that) but what is a name?


Alastair Gregg said...

Tell me about it.

the whole Dave Gorman thing has happened to me too.

Turns out there's a guy called Alastair Gregg who goes to buxton community church.

Whats more, some of my friends in stoke even know his daughter (i found this out througth myspace).

I guess its a small world.

Steve said...

I was reading through your blog (edifying and entertaining, thank you) as an alternative to actually getting any work done, and I thought I'd point out that you can put your name into a Google Image search and come up with (in my case) some really odd-looking people.

St said...

Being equally easily distracted I just did that and boy does Steve Tilley get around. Cheers for the idea Steve and thanks for droppping in. Pleasure to make your acquantance.

Alastair Gregg said...

Greetings from the other Alastair Gregg

St said...

Hi there. Odd that.