Friday, July 20, 2007

Facebook security

Can anyone help me with the whole question of Facebook security. Is it OK to profile your personal details as long as you only release them to friends? What happens if you paste your Facebook profile URL into your blog? Presumably that makes your profile available to the world.
What else should I be wary of? I've had pokes from people I don't know and so I've rejected them. I guess they are weirdos.


Caroline Too said...

I'm not a real expert but, from what I've been told, no, even if you've released it only to friends your details will be logged somewhere in Google's memory banks... it may never come out but it's saved somewhere...

...unless a real expert can reassure me I'm wrong.

Andy said...

Not sure about the google thing, Caroline. Google "logs" pages by sending "bots" (automated pieces of software) to investigate web pages on the net, following links as it goes - but since it doesn't have login rights to any password protected sites, it can't get in to the things like facebook or, say, on-line banking - so it should be ok.

On the facebook thing - take privacy seriously and restrict things to your "friends" only - then it's safe. No-one can see your profile (even if following a link) without a). being registered on facebook and b). being allowed to by your settings, so as Snap famously sang, You Have The Power.

There are people who are cavalier and try to amass as many "friends" as possible in some weird MySpace/Facebook game - but I'm quite selective about it and reject people who I wouldn't really consider friends. I also make sure I restrict access to stuff to people I don't know.

Oh, and if you reject a poke or a friend request, the other person *doesn't* get notified, which is nice. It takes some of the horror out of saying no.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to go FACEBOOK as I will not have anyone 'poke' me; friend, foe or stranger.


St said...

It's not that painful. Even fun sometimes. Your wife did it. To me.