Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mr Gnome

An important person in my life is Rory, who has spent many of his working hours making sense of my syntax and sentences of my snippetts. He is an editor and a fine one at that. As he reads this paragraph he will be reordering it, punctuating it properly and, ooh, generally thinking of ways it could have been understood.

He has a gnome problem. My late father told me never to trust people with gnomes as they always vote liberal. My wife's father also hated gnomes so when he died she put one in our garden in his memory. Don't try to grasp the complexities of her family feuds; they're all light-hearted. (My family feuds are heavy-hearted, permanent, vindictive and date back to the nineteenth century.)

Anyway Mr Gnome and Rory are cycling to Paris in a few weeks time (Rory, should weeks have an apostrophe after the s?) to raise money for the Royal British Legion. Notwithstanding the deeply nurtured problem this gives me why don't you follow the link above to read their entertaining blog and then send them a few squids if you feel so moved.

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Anonymous said...


Many thanks for ride publicity!

Mr Gnome and I raised £2125 for Royal British Legion in the course of our Pedal to Paris ride.