Friday, July 20, 2007

The Now Show

Anyone else hear Marcus Brigstocke's remarkable anti-Christian/Muslim/Jew rant tonight. Was I the only Christian who applauded at the end, even though I was alone in my kitchen. Listen again and lemeno.


Andy said...

Oooh, sounds interesting - do you have a link, or a vague nudge in the right direction?

St said...

Follow the 'listen by genre' menu then comedy, then the Now Show.

They are currently having technical difficulties (probably underwater or something) but it is usually possible to listen again for at least a week.

Chris Ward said...

Picked up the listen again thing just now (I just went to then listen again option). Isn't it great when we get a real good dose of conscience (Richard Dawkins at his best is very good at this too but not as entertaining). I guess we have all disowned the crusades, inquisitions, general burnings and stuff a while ago - however we have clearly not done nearly enough for people think we are up for anything much better. Mike Pilavachi said something like "everyone knows what Christians are against, lets show them what we are for". Not sure I have done much more than quote that however.