Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Make Poetry History

With grateful thanks to the Make Poverty History banner in Holy Trinity Church spied during Morning Prayer today, which got me pondering on the power of a banner facing inwards:

Make Poetry History

This rhyme will not remove the debt,
Provide the things the poor can't get,
The winning ticket, place a bet,
Fly out aid on borrowed jet,
Give alms to those it has not met,
Persuade the powers that be to let
Nobody else fall through the net,
Unharden hearts by now thick-set
Or make the dried out places wet.
It has its limitations, yet...

It may, perhaps aid and abet
The sale of someone's red corvette
To feed the ones who never ate,
Move cash to food from cigarette
Or humbly craft a fresh galette.
By mining words from life's arĂȘte
We are reborn, here's the layette,
You hungry people, do not fret,
Unsharpened appetites re-whet,
All this the work of one poet.


Simon said...

I think you need some beats to rap it to...

Sam said...

Very funny. The "et" syllable is like a bore-hammer drill. If you'd done a third verse I'd have spontaneously combusted.