Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Nailsea in a Nutshell

I decided to walk back from Holy Trinity church to my house, partly because it was a beautiful sunny morning and partly because I hadn't gone there in my car. It's about two kilometres (1.2 miles).

I chose to stretch my, by now encyclopaedic, knowledge of local footpaths and walk through the estates rather than along roads. At one point though the walk takes me to the edge of town and along a field edge before the path returns to a housing estate.

Passing back into this suburbia I rounded a corner and a woman was coming towards me, accompanied by a small dog, at a distance of about five metres. She placed her hand over her heart and visibly recoiled.

As I passed her I apologised for making her jump. She said it was OK but 'It's normally so quiet here.'

There you have it. Nailsea. A place normally so quiet that meeting one person, in daylight, on the pavement, can make it jump.

Let us leap.

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