Thursday, May 03, 2007


I like to have the snooker on in the study when I am working in the afternoon. There is something relaxing (in the same way as Test Match Special is relaxing) in the way the numbers are counted out as a break is built... 1 - 8 - 9 -16 - 17 - 23 (only a pink there then). If a break gets exciting I stop and watch for a few moments.

But this afternoon, after nearly two weeks of dipping in, on and off (four words, three prepositions and a conjunction, cool), John Virgo used an adverb. 'He played that shot perfect (pause) ly.' So he can do it.

Tell me if you hear another.

Also let me know (because I'm not watching snooker all day every day, honest) if they answer my emailed query, 'Can you use the rest to stop your waistocat draping on a ball whilst playing a shot.'


Finker said...

"waist-o-cat". Is that a new device for incinerating unwanted feline friends?

St said...

Should be.