Friday, May 04, 2007

John Virgo English Class

On John Higgins' failure to build a break from a good chance...

'So he's not made the most of this opportunity hasn't John.'


Victory Stadium said...

Course, if 'ad really breen JV, 'e would 'ave said 'So 'e's not made the most of this opportunity 'asn't John'.

A few entries for the new Colemanballs 24 on this blog. However, it's a challenge for poster's if you know your being watched and have to get all of your grammer, puntuation and spelling right first time!

Matthew McMurray said...

I am quite chuffed that my wife put the snooker on for me. I hadn't even thought about watching it! Bonus!

Wantage Wanderer said...

Blimey, this blog has gone from "Why Jesus had to die" to double entendres and snooker without pausing inbetween. The stamp of ST all over it. I assume ST has recoved from the Baggies bagging 7 against the mighty Barnsley. Also, I presume he wishes the best team wins against Wolves, and that, in fact, football will be the winner. Also, I assume that he would wish that if West Brom are awarded a dubious penalty they would point out to the referee that it might not have been a penalty and ask whether he wishes to change his mind in the interest of fair play? After all, it's the takin gpart that counts?

St said...

To answer your questions in order WW:


I think that's it

Mike Peatman said...

For those watching in black & white, the brown's behind the green