Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Real Somerset

I appear to have become a real yokel by attending (and enjoying) the North Somerset Show yesterday. Particular highlights were:
  • People watching. The different country 'groupings' were fascinating, from the people who never go out without a tie to those who were leading animals round whilst wearing all white but covered in muck (the people not the animals).
  • Tractor pulling. A tractor with a 40 litre engine, one with a Spitfire engine and one with a tank engine. Tractors with roll bars anyone? They were there.
  • Junk food. Everywhere. What happened to the real stuff?
  • Terrier racing. Easily confused, terriers.
Resisted buying a bird box with a spycam (£99).

1 comment:

Mike Peatman said...

The bird box sounds tempting!

We used to staff the church tent at the Moorgreen Show, which meant we never got August Bank Holiday Monday off. Once managed street theatre there, which was obviously a culture shock for all other concerned!