Thursday, March 01, 2007

How fast?

How fast can you decorate a toilet, sorry guest cloakroom? Before you answer have a think. How fast can you do it to the standards of a professional visual merchandiser?

I did ceiling, walls and satinwood (not gloss hate gloss nasty stuff) in three hours this morning, took a break for lunch and a quick once round the gym and then repeated the whole bangshoot in two hours 45 this afternoon.

Reacquainted myself with the Bravery plus second Franz Ferdinand (not convinced), Amy Winehouse latest (weird, my Gran would have liked this), Zero 7's 'The Garden' and the second Delays album.

Apparently I should have done a second coat on the radiator and painted a bit further along the pipes too but that is a pleasing result.

What a fine way to spend a bonus day's holiday. Now up to Leamington for Jane and Graham's wedding (preach and accompany Ben singing like an angel) via Godstuff and CPAS pals. Until Sunday then.


Ruth said...

Noticed a house ad in one of the local free papers which shows a bathroom interior focusing on a (presumably) very superior loo. Alongside the picture are the words: No chain.

Rich Burley said...

After a temping job I contemplated being a painter and decorator for a while because you can listen to CDs all day.

It's funny how satisfying doing something with your hands can be when you're main job involves mostly thinking. Except housework of course.

Glad to see someone else has the 2nd Delays album - good reviews but nobody bought it. Bravery's was a disappointing album, I thought, after a great single (An honest mistake). They seem to have sunk without trace.

Anonymous said...


Great to see you and Liz on Saturday; fantastic address (my dad was positively raving about it, there again you heard his grace...) and a good little tinkle on the old Joanna I think. Much appreciated by all.

Will drop you a note from Brussels or Paris.

Thanks again