Wednesday, February 28, 2007


How do you divide up the responsibilities in your household. Respect, by the way to the single out there and especially the single parents. Divide? What's that?

We have seen our life change from a time when one of us did almost all the household tasks while the other went out to work, to a time where things have almost completely swapped round except that we both work full-time.

So we've employed a cleaner. Two actually. Why is this so weird? I recall my Mum running round the house tidying up before Mrs Kinchin came. Does employing someone to clean cause all sorts of 'I can't cope but I should be able to' thoughts?

For me it is weird because cleaning was one of the things my partner used to do. It's a long story but she has higher standards than me, is better at it and is not allergic to house dust. I can give good hoover though.

Thing is, now one and half hours of Wednesday morning are spent with S and L wandering round the house cleaning it for me, it has become my responsibility because I have to supervise. I have to say if a loo has not been cleaned to my satisfaction or I can still see a grease mark on the hob. I have to take responsibility for low standards even though any standards are higher than mine by and large. If they don't clean up after me properly I can moan but that doesn't seem fair. Even though I remind myself I am paying for this service it still strikes me that I am being unreasonable.

Nothing against L and S either who are good company, polite, punctual and helpful. It's just that I don't like complaining. A restaurant experience in which I have had to complain is, for me worse, than one in which I have coped with less than adequate food. So my ideal cleaner relationship would be one in which they came when I was out and I offered feedback by email. Gosh I can be complex.


Chemical said...


this so reminds me of myself when we employed a cleaner.

if the job wasn't done properly, i would mumble about it, but it was left to the other half to take issue with the person themselves, i couldn't possibly do THAT!

on one occasion a cleaner broke our blinds. i couldnt cope with the fact she had to be told about this (couldn't we just fix them and never let on?)and had to leave the house and wait for a phonecall to say the issue was dealt with, and she had gone home for the day

Kathryn said...

Ahh...I'm in the second week of having a cleaner, and thus far its bliss, because her standards are infinitely higher than any of ours AND she comes when I'm out. I do need to clean first, of course...but apart from that...

St said...

Glad we're all all mixed up about it then. Too pastoral for our own good I reckon.