Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Crumble Song

Now listen, older readers. Bumped into this post from Phil Greig about the crumble song he used to sing at camp. I've added a comment taking the song back another twenty years to 1972 albeit to a different tune. Who can go further?

And who can date the change of tune from My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean to Land of Hope and Glory?

I was taught it (OK not alone but in a crowd) by a guy called David Morgan who was a youth leader at St Stephen's, Selly Park in the early 70s.

And by the way, the crumble was made of too much sugar on top of already too sweetened canned pie filling and, in the absence of fluoride in the water, was one of the contributing factors to my needing root canal tomorrow.

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Mike Peatman said...

I remember it well, Steve. I also remember both tunes being used, so the transition must post-date my starting ventures at Clevedon, Easter 1978