Thursday, March 22, 2007

This is not my Church

This is where I heal my hurts. Faithless' Maxi Jazz knows how to work a crowd and, although in a show of hands a majority of the Birmingham NIA indicate this is their first Faithless show (where you been?) this crowd know how to be worked.

Looking down from the dizzy heights of row LL the huge moshing mass of ground floor humanity was a phenomenal sight, joining in the encouraged hand-raising of 'We come one.' This song is an anti-prejudice anthem par excellence but, unlike most churches, this is what now Bishop then College Principal Graham Cray once dubbed 'false community.'

This harmony of voices and bodies deny their prejudice but it has little or no effect on the behaviour of those queueing for the one thousand only copies of the live CD of the gig available ten minutes after the show. Neither is the car-park exit made much more harmonious.

This is a church where you join together with the band and move apart later. Who you worshipping eh? No sharing. No encounter with anyone except the band and those you came with unless your neighbour, as mine did, happens to ask you what the support band were like. No fruit.

Faithless do make the world a better place, but only for the duration of their gigs. The clue's in the name. Read my review of the gig here. And the support band here.


Mark said...

Dont forget God is a DJ

Dave said...

We went to the Bournemouth concert a couple of nights later. Have linked to your reviews.