Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The baptistry at Holy Trinity, Nailsea is set into the church floor. To develop it permission was granted to remove human remains. When the church was originally built many burials took place under the church floor until that was full. Then the church yard was used. So candidates being baptised by immersion are being sent down under the water and amongst the dead. They are in the only part of the under floor area of the church or graveyard that contains no bones. Fantastic symbolism.

It is with a great sense of mischief and rejoicing then that I will try on Sunday evening to avoid making any reference to the fact that the surname of two of those to be baptised is Boddy. I may fail. Sorry in advance.


Matthew P said...

Read a great story a few years ago about an American minister conducting a full immersion baptism. Apparently he boldy declared to his flock, something along the lines of, all those seeking salvation should follow his lead. He then promptly stepped in to the batistry where he was electrocuted.

Still, have a good service.

Anonymous said...

So, what happened to the remains of those who were buried in the church?

St said...

I think I was told that they were reburied elsewhere in the church yard.