Saturday, December 23, 2006

Albums of the Year

Always risky offering this post before Santa has been but unless someone buys me some music that really gets under my skin in the last six days of the year my list is:

Easy Star All Stars Radiodread
Roots Manuva Alternately Deep
Broadcast The Future Crayon
The Young Knives Voices of Animals and Men
The Dears Gang of Losers
Zero 7 The Garden
Voom Voom Peng Peng

Older album I only discovered this year:

Nitin Sawney Philtre (2005)

And my unashamed album of the year the folk album, yes folk album:

Seth Lakeman Freedom Fields

Have bought about five copies to give as Christmas presents.

Books tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Was Alternately Deep this year? I forgot that when compiling my list. Great album.

St said...

Amazingly yes. I seem to have had it for ages and played it lots too.

Martin said...

Yes, the Radiodread album is fantastic. I may find myself spending some of my Christmas money on this!