Sunday, December 24, 2006


I don't think I have ever walked along the coast at Christmas before. It was a thrill for a couple of Midlanders. Ben (down for a few days) and I popped down to Clevedon and walked along the promenade and up into the hills whilst eating chips out of a tray. He saw the curlew before me. ('Hah. Still got it.') Couldn't see Wales today though.

The Clevedon Millennium project has led to the production of a large metal sculpture on the sea front that celebrates the town's creativity and diversity. Jon, last time he was visiting, said it looked as if they had a corporate penchant for Italian food which is why they had installed a giant parmesan grater. He has a point.

Just along from there, on the panel of a bench, someone has chiselled, 'Sit here and think about modern art or summat.' Banksy's caption writer perhaps? On the telescope, in the same style of writing, is scratched, 'Can you see me?'

I don't approve of vandalism but if it's witty it helps. The block of flats nearby is architectural vandalism if it is anything.

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