Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Small Things

There's this guy in the north of England somewhere who may well be obsessive/compulsive but he has chronicled the occasions he has cut his lawn (same lawn every time) for the last 50 years. Now someone at the weather office has got hold of it and it presents a clear picture of the advance of spring by two weeks over that same period as evidenced by the dating of the first cutting of the year.

This is a big up to all those bloggers who are simply recording expertise about a very small bit of the world. Your work is not in vain and accessing your research has never been easier.

If you have noted which birds have used your birdbox, or what date the may flowered or what time the refuse was collected and how many times the gate was left open in the process, your data is invaluable. Blog it.

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Andy said...

I now blog my diet (here) and since starting it, not only has it helped loads, but two of my friends have started doing the same too.

Blogging - it's the new confessional ;)