Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Farewell Tour

I'm almost thinking of having T-shirts made, as at everything I go to at the moment someone seems to mention that it is for the last time. Still, here's the itinerary:

Sunday 17th September
Preaching at both main services at St Paul's with a bring and share lunch after the morning service.

Friday 22nd September
Cafe Create.

Saturday 23rd September
Will be in the Somerville Arms all evening from about 8pm for anyone who wants to join us for a drink and console Paul at the minor reduction in his future takings and the absence of anyone to write his Good Pub Guide commendation in future years.

Monday 25th September
Actually leaving town.

Have sympathy for Liz who keeps her job and merely moves house 100 miles, giving up two weeks holiday to do it.

To commandeer and adapt the four possible reasons for attending a funeral, there are four possible reasons for attending a farewell do:
  • As an expression of grief and mourning (unlikely)
  • As a mark of thanks (very unlikely)
  • Out of a sense of duty (possibly)
  • To make sure the bastard's actually going (form a queue)
There is no need to tell me which one you are choosing.

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