Friday, September 29, 2006

Relocation Expenses

When I moved last, in 1992, I specifically recall moaning that for a few weeks, every time I went out of the house it cost £30. Chatting to friend Andy about five years on he reckoned it had gone up to £50.

Yesterday tipped the £170 mark in light shades, bathroom accessories, light bulbs and ironing board covers. Ruth (many thanks) came round to help put up curtains and when I saw my ironing board I realised how much you miss, ironing in only the light of a DVD.

I think Brown's hardware store will be a place I spend a lot of time in the near future. Wonderful shop with endless side rooms containing goodies. Managed to buy one jubilee clip for 60p. It is the sort of shop where it is easier to ask then search. I asked for some golf-ball size, 40w, large bayo light bulbs and a quick dive under the counter produced the exact thing for £1.10 each.

Oh yes and I bought a new stereo with a digital radio. Life shouldn't be all bad and one of the major differences between 1992 and 2006 is that Liz has a career, a salary and we have no especially dependent children.

Message to Mike (anonymous occasional commentator and on the list of people who helped decorate the house before we came) - bring more beer than music.

There was a lovely food pack waiting for us on arrival which contained many fine things but especially a lot of tea bags, toilet rolls and pasta. Add that to the bottles of Bath Ale and who could ask for more. Right. Back to visually merchandising my book shelves.


Anonymous said...

Martin directed me to your blogg just before I set off for John Brown's. We have found this shop incredible for the last 29 years, i.e. since the day we arrived in nailsea, and have often bought 1 screw, cup hook etc. True to form they had just the plastic laundry baskets we wanted and hadn't been able to find anywhere else. If we'd been able to shop in nailsea sometime when they wre open during the past 2 weeks we'd have probably gone there first and saved ourselves a lot of time!
Incidentally, on the same visit I saw a non white face in the building society. They are around -just not that many of them

Mike b said...

Well, there's no accounting for taste!!!!
Let's just say that I can appricaite a man who is fussy about their drink of pleasure, and that I actually don't like Real Ale!!!!!! Wine is my passion.
Hopefully see you Monday night, 9.30 at the Farmhouse?