Thursday, September 28, 2006

Getting There

Well a few themes have developed. Getting lost would be a strong one. Got lost driving into Bristol last night. Got lost on foot trying to walk into Nailsea town centre today. Friend Richard had to phone from 300 metres away because he was on the wrong estate.

But the getting lost prize goes to Ali of the Lloyds TSB call centre. I had already called Lloyds TSB cardholder services to notify them of my change of address. I asked if they could communicate with all my other Lloyds accounts but they couldn't and had to pass me over. I failed the second set of security questions because I couldn't recall my memorable number. I have so many different memorable numbers I can never remember whose is whose.

Having told me I was unable to do any business today over the phone he then asked if I realised Lloyds TSB could save me money on my home insurance.

'At which adddress?' I asked, before hanging up. Ali. Get lost.

By the way we have been here 48 hours and have yet to encounter a non-white face.

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Anonymous said...

Just commented on your previous and upon returning, find that you have posted again!