Friday, September 29, 2006

A Normal Week 6

0815 Sermon polishing (30 mins)
1000 Church followed by shared lunch (5 hours)
1500 Sermon finishing for evening and emails (30 mins)
1800 Church to preach, say goodbye to people followed by more of the same in the pub (4 hours)
10 hours

0715 Funeral preparation including saving PowerPoint presentations to memory sticks and writing notes for organists and projector operators. They used to be much much simpler than this (1 hour).
0930 Staff meeting
1100 Travel to crem.
1145 Committal
1230 Service in memory
1330 Refreshments (home1445)

6.15 hours (total 16.15)

Swapped day with Friday as its Cafe on Friday. Managed to avoid all but 15 minutes of work and won't count the football as work even though I went with a member of the church and talked about several work-related things. (In my last Brakes game for a while Leamington FC were given a football lesson by Banbury United - a team from two levels up the pyramid and across a bit.)

0.15 hours (total 16.30)

0900 Staff study time.
1030 Final debrief meeting with line-manager.
1200 Staff lunch together (5 hours).
1915 Piano playing for women's colour evening (45 mins).

5.45 hours (total 22.15)

Various bits and pieces (15 mins).

0.15 hours (total 22.30)

1000 Planning and preparing for Cafe Create (2 hours).
1400 Setting up, running and taking down Cafe Create (11 hours).

13 hours (total 35.30)

Thanking people and final farewell do with close friends from church (4 hours)

4 hours (total 39.30)

This grand total means that over the four years at St Paul's I am, approximately 225 hours over, or the equivalent of only taking half of my holiday allocation. And I had a seven week sabbatical. Thanks St Paul's. Loved every minute of it. No grumbles. Most of it didn't feel like work anyway.

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Matthew said...

I used to work with somebody who plays for Banbury (Ollie Stanbridge). When he played his first friendly for them a few years ago he picked up a dead leg, then spent the next morning hobbling round the office to much laughter and mickey taking. We stopped laughing (well mostly) when he went to A&E to have his leg cut open, and then spent the next few weeks in hospital!

I also know a guy who plays for Nailsea, he came in with a broken nose one morning after a game.

Isn't sport marvellous! Character building I think they call it.

Glad to see you're settling in well.