Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Thoughts and Stuff

Been here a week now. Getting lost a little less. Here are some truths I have come across:

There is a labyrnth of old village footpaths and bridle ways over which a town has been built. They offer a far more scenic journey everywhere but don't necessarily go where they look as if they might go.

This place has the most scenic tip - Virginia creeper growing up a disused quarry.

Asking questions in staff meetings is welcomed but can cause 45 minute discussions about the meaning of confirmation.

Bishops like wearing robes and the instruction, 'Clergy are not required to robe' does not apply to them.

Painting a 270 square foot conservatory takes a long time.

My wife is magnificent at home making.

Sharps Doon bar is magnificent. Badger is good but gives you a headache. Tangle Foot causes its obvious eponymous problem.

There are no corner shops (Jaz - move here).

The Bath and Wells Diocesan Handbook and the Bath and Wells Diocesan Directory are not to be confused.

Getting the Digital radio receiver to work is a bit tricky.

My concentration span is down to about 11 minu


Anonymous said...

And the meaning of confirmation is...

Rich Burley said...

Walking random routes on rarely used paths is always the best way to get to know somewhere new, especially when you get lost a few times.

alG said...

I once asked a question at a church meeting which caused a 45 minute discussions on where envelopes could be obtained from. As a result I know avoid any kind of meeting where possible

St said...

Will post on the meaning of confirmation since I'm sure it will start a discussion string.