Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Took two 1930s armchairs, one flattened flat-pack wardrobe, one flattened flat-pack bookcase and a deceased fridge to the tip. Very liberating.

A late arrival at the house-selling ball drove down from London to view the chaos which is my ready-to-move possesions container and told me not to accept any offer until I had heard from him. I won't argue with him since he was at least 20 stone and six two.

Had a letter delighting in the fact that I had allowed my emotions to come to the fore over the last few days. Why is it that people assume that the only emotion we have is sadness?

Ove the last four years I have had glee, joy, mischief and fun to the fore. I am allowing sadness to come to the fore now because I am sad. I don't cry when I'm not sad. Next Monday night I won't be sad anymore.



Martin said...

Good to see someone sticking up for the reality of positive emotions.

Anonymous said...

Next Monday night you could join us at The Old Farmhouse from 21.30 til late.

St said...

This is either a nice offer or a potential Mafia hit.

Can Mrs T accompany me? In any situation of extreme danger I do encourage her to go first.

Anonymous said...

Now there's a question. Mrs T would be very welcome but we are sometimes referred to as "men at pub" - to give a bit of a clue. We would all be very pleased to see you both if you are able to come.

We meet on the table underneath the rather moth eaten stag's head (circa 1904) and although our starting time is 21.30 we arrive at various times up until 23.00. On monday one of our group, who is a governor at our local secondary school, has a personnel committee meeting and a few have a PCC meeting but before the night is out there should be a few there. Our numbers expand on special occasions so you never know!

As for extreme danger...... well there are some quite difficult questions some us have about theological issues, the meaning of life and death, work, maths homework etc. etc. etc. - then there is the walk or cycle home

Anonymous said...

Do you think we should put in an offer??