Friday, September 22, 2006


It's 3 really but this is about yesterday.

I ordered a big fridge freezer. One of the more expensive ways I have used to block a doorway but there you go. Let the visitor understand. Managed to survive the online experience of getting it delivered to an address other than the one currently on my credit card and not before next Tuesday.

I sorted out my mortgage. The current deal was coming to an end and I needed to find a carbon-based, intelligent, humanoid lifeform at the Woolwich to advise me what offer to take up that wouldn't cost me the earth if I cancelled it almost immediately. A Lifetime Tracker appears to be the answer and the definition of lifetime may well be a fortnight.

Took all the pictures off the wall. Doing this early is certainly a psychological trick to make your last few days in your old house feel horrid and to look forward to the new. I recommend it. Leave the hooks or screws in the wall so incomers can make the rooms look nice by putting pictures in the same place if they haven't got time to decorate everywhere, or the luxury of a group of volunteers to decorate their new house for them before they arrive.

Also emptied the ironing basket (by ironing it) whilst watching The Inside Man, a film I watched only a month ago but forgot I did yet still enjoyed a second time even though it has more plot holes than an allotment with a mole problem.

Took my keyboard down to church ready for Cafe Create tonight. Spent a few hours online in the virtual cafe planning meeting trying to think of a clever question to ask the audience and an easy way to get brick dust out of a CD mixer. Life.

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