Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Worship Grammar Checker

Who was and is to come.
God of glory, You’re so worthy,
All the saints bow down.

Holy is Your name in all the earth.
Righteous are Your ways, so merciful.
Everything You’ve done is just and true.
Holy, holy God are you.
Holy, holy God are you.

All blessing, all honour belongs to you.
All power, all wisdom is yours.

OK I've left now so I can say it. Blessing and honour are two things. They are therefore a plural. So they belong not belongs. Power and wisdom are two things. They are a plural too. So they are yours not is. OK?

There's another one that gets on my nerves but it's slipped my mind for the moment. Liberal education eh? How useful is it?


emma said...

Well spotted, I agree!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely with you on this Steve. I'll never view worship lyrics in the same light again.

Anonymous said...

Remember this one?

When I feel the touch of Your hand upon my life,
It causes me to sing a song that I love You Lord.
So from deep within my spirit singeth unto Thee,
You are my King, You are my God and I love You Lord.

Singeth unto thee mixed with you/your? What century is this song?

St said...

20th. Post-modern decade blending. (c) Douglas Coupland 1990.

Ruth Jolly said...

Maybe the one that slipped your mind might be Chris Bowater's 'Jesus shall take the highest honour ... For all honour and blessing and power/belongs to you, belongs to you ...' - oddly similar to Brenton Brown's, now I come to look at it - but Chris was there first, by about 15 yrs! Myself I always omit the 's' when singing either.

St said...

Yes Ruth, yes. That's the one. I agreee totally.