Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Headline in the Royal Leamington Spa Times (it's a free newspaper although the words free and news may need their order reversing).

Freak accident at Chesterton Windmill injures 43-year-old

I know all the papers tend to do it all the time, but what does the age of the person (gender not specified in the headline) add to the story? Are we to assume that at the great age of 43 she was insufficiently agile to avoid a falling windmill sail?

In a bizarre twist of fate the accident happened on the only weekend of the year the Leamington windmill was open to the public

Is it bizarre because conventional fate normally decrees that such accidents should only happen when the windmill is closed?

I think we should be told?

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Mike said...

Presumably it's also the only weekend when anyone is within range!

Or maybe a consequence of being one over the answer to life, the universe and everythng?