Thursday, September 14, 2006

Why Football Managers Shouldn't Do Interviews

'I couldn't ask anything more from the players, we passed the ball well, we created chances and we missed them.'

Thus spoke West Brom's manager Bryan Robson after our narrow defeat at Preston on Tuesday evening.

Read what you said again Bryan. Spend all day doing it if necessary. Ponder. Consider. Turn it over in your mind. Can you see just one, tiny thing you could ask of the players by way of more?


Mike Peatman said...

Getting your drift, Steve.

Meanwhile Forest off to a cracking start, except against Oldham. Can't win 'em all.

By the way, upgraded to Blogger Beta, and now can't comment logged in.

Mike said...

Just realised, I just need to give the blog as my home page and it still works - just no picture.

St said...

PS Robson survived but one further match. I wonder if writing programme notes will be amongst the skills of any of the applicants for the vacancy.