Saturday, September 23, 2006

5 in 1

Sorry there are so many numbers in the titles lately but I wanted to say that I just noticed my dishwasher tabs are no longer 4 in 1, but 5 in 1. Is this the same technology that has led to my razor blades now having three edges (and even that is seen as old fashioned; four is for real men)?

Soon my dishwasher tabs will pop round for tea, advise on wine selection, make the coffee, share the mints they brought and then head off and do six unmentionable things to my dirty dishes. Odds of 10-1 on that.

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Anonymous said...

Now you're sounding grumpy old man! Actually, no matter how many-in-one the tabs are, there's always a small bit of dried pasta on a fork somewhere .

Recently got a Smeg dishwasher. It's plain, white, cheap and no different from any other, but it's got Smeg on it!!