Saturday, July 08, 2006

Holiday Reading List

For those who like recommendations here is my holiday reading list and marks out of 10:

Philip Roth; The Human Stain (8 - great insight into racism)
Rupert Thomson; The Divided Kingdom (9 - how would it be if the country was divided by personality type?)
Spencer Johnson; Who Moved My Cheese? (6 but led to much conversation about church and retail)
Mitch Alborn; Tuesdays with Morrie (8 - wished I'd spent longer talking to my Gran)
Albert Camus; The Fall (5 but felt I'd read something edifying and improving)
Thomas Pynchon; Gravity's Rainbow (gave up after 100 pages)
John Grisham; The Partner (6 but four hours of complete escape from reality)
Susan Hill; The Pure in Heart (6 and ditto - made the mistake I think of too many unbelievable things happening in a small town at the same time. Think Rebus written by a woman in a nicer setting)
John Steinbeck; Of Mice and Men (9)
Kazuo Ishiguro; Never Let Me Go (7 - interesting exploration of theme of cloning but a bit slow)
Joanne Harris; Gentlemen and Players (7 - public school with macabre overtones. More escapism)

Think I did well this year. I will try and read more of the Pynchon but it was hard work and not pool-side fare.


Rich Burley said...

Did you read all of those on holiday? Good Call!

Martin said...

I see your blogs are up. Will read at some point, and maybe comment and link.

St said...

Never understood why anyone would want an activity holiday. We love inactivity holidays. Demanding 'normal' holiday timetable as follows:

0800 Coffee and read in bed
0900 Breakfast and chat/read
1030 Go out to buy food
1100 Drink coffee in cafe and read papers
1145 Have serious discussion about whether to now have a drink in cafe or lunch or go somewhere else or go back and laze by pool
1146 Drink and read
1330 Lunch
1430 Read, snooze, swim
1630 Tea break
1700 Read, swim
1900 Shower, change
1930 Drink and nibbles
2030 Eat
2100 Watch World Cup or read or listen to music or other consenting adult activities such as extra time and penalties
2300/2400 Sleep


Jonathan Potts said...

I like that timetable. Nice and lazy - just how it should be. I might include a short walk in the surrounding countryside, though: which, when I have my way on holiday, is always outstandingly beautiful.