Monday, July 10, 2006

Cafe Create

Cafe is this Friday, 14th July. The line-up has been changing faster than Sven's team formations but some order is appearing.

Ben Plummer was in, out, shake it all about but is now officially double booked and Cafe came second in the lottery. Celestial Spy are unavailable so we have Ross (short-notice man?) and still have Mike Peatman coming down from Lancaster to sing. Caroline is off to Africa so will show us a short film of what she is going to be up to. There will be food (yeah that's food) and we will go on to midnight. DJ 'Jamin is the groovemaster so at least the vibe will be cool.

Looks like I will have to do something to make up the numbers unless there are any poets, fire-eaters, jugglers, story-tellers out there. Any requests, apart from 'Don't try stand-up again?' Shall we have a quiz?


Mike said...

Feel under a bit less pressure now I know you're desperate

Mike said...

On second thoughts, I hope that doesn't put me top of the bill!!

Martin said...

Well, even if not top of the bill, you were very good.