Monday, July 03, 2006


The citadel in the centre of Rabat is an awesome place. The highest point of the island it is amazing to imagine the conditions faced by an attcking army, having attached three scaling ladders to each other and discovered they still don't reach. From here you can take in a view of the whole island and all its villages and even see across to Comino and Malta.

The knights of St John in the seventeenth century built most of the citadel. The heat in which they laboured would have been tremendous. The insects bite cruelly and the stones they carried were huge. Respect.


Simon said...

Hey, I was there with my partner and sprog only a few months ago.

St said...

Did you visit from Malta for the day or stay in Gozo the whole time?

Simon said...

Um, stayed in Malta, near Bugibba, the whole time and didn't go to Gozo. You must be talking about a Rabat on Gozo..? We went to Rabat/Mdina. I like the guys who take their birds to the pub - real birds in little cages.

St said...

The Gozitans don't keep birds in cages. They shoot them. No half measures.

Rabat is the Gozitan name for Victoria, the capital of Gozo. If you like escaping from people then get a farmhouse or apartment for a week or two. You can get a place that sleeps six, with a private pool and an air condtioned hire car for about £700 a week all-in including transfers. All you ned on top of that is flight and food. Six people could probably holiday there for £400 a head for a fortnight, including meals out and petrol for the car.

We did it via Gozo firm, Xlendi Tourist Services. Ask me for contact details if you fancy it.

Simon said...

Sounds good. Depends on me rounding up a posse, though. I've noted the firm and found their website. Cheers!