Monday, July 03, 2006

Football Post 7

Well everyone with a shirt with 'Owen' on the back simply needs to add the word 'Hargreaves' and they will have some credibility again. This is the fifth time in eight competitions we have gone out on penalties and I have watched most of them on holiday.

Looking forward to the semi-finals very much. Haven't seen a game bossed by a player the way Zidane bossed the game against Brazil and am desperate to see if he can drag another couple of performances out of his tired but brilliant limbs. A France v Italy final would be great.

Have you noticed how the first task of an Italian forward is to defend and the first task of a Brazilian defender is to attack?


Mike said...

Totally agee about Hargreaves. Man of the match for me. We should also always play with 10 men - solves the formation problem

Kat said...

Hang on and what about Germany???

St said...

Germany not good enough. Sorry.